Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hello again!

So it's been a year and a half since I last posted, which was my announcement that I had given birth to my first child - my son Tully - that previous February. Well here we are again! I gave birth to my second child - my son Jack - in January! Yes, that's right, my boys are 11 months and 10 days apart. 

They are now 19 months and 7.5 months old!! 

I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past 3 years. Married, house, 2 kids, wow. So let's talk about gluten. And dairy. And Crohn's disease. Let's back alllll the way up to when I met my husband in 2011. I was in the best shape of my life, in control of my health and rocking this lifestyle. Then I got happy and comfortable and lazy and started cheating more and more and started packing on the weight. When we struggled to get pregnant I realized I needed to check myself and cut the junk out and started losing weight and feeling better. Then I got pregnant and I did amazing through the first and second trimester of my first pregnancy. The third, I was craving pizza like it was nobody's business and I started eating it. And I wasn't getting sick. The magic of the immune system during pregnancy!! Then I had Tully and got pregnant two months later and still, magic!! So I blew through my pregnancy with Jack eating whatever I felt like eating. 

And then I wasn't pregnant anymore.... yet I kept at it. It got ugly, quickly!

Oh my goodness. All of that indulging, while not making me feel sick, was NOT doing me any favors. A few months ago, tired, sluggish, stomach a complete mess, I finally decided this had to STOP! They were advertising a new round of weight watchers at work and I finally felt ready to tackle this beast so I signed myself up and haven't looked back. I have lost 14lbs and am feeling amazing. Yesterday (holiday weekends, right?!) I had a big setback eating way out of my zone and I am PAYING for it today. I get so sick now when I eat stuff I'm not supposed to eat. It's good though because I was such a cheater back in the day and I just can't do it anymore. I have to be strict or else I'm sick. And I have two little monsters running around, I cannot be sick!!

I've been thinking about writing here again, it's always been so helpful for me, plus I really need a hobby these days. It's a lot harder to find the time but I'm going to try. Anyone still with me? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

These are the days

Photo Feb 06, 12 17 59 PM

Almost five weeks ago my life changed in the most amazing way. My most perfect, handsome, sweet, adorable son Tully was born 2/5/15 at 6:05pm after 23 hours of labor. What an incredible experience. I'm finally coming out of the fog of new mommyhood and starting to feel like myself again. I'm on maternity leave for 7.5 more weeks, the first 4.5 flew by in a haze. Thankfully the temperature is rising, the record amount of snow is melting, and I'm finally able to get out of the house and re-join the real world.


I knew this would be the case, but Bill is the most incredible Dad. He's so in love with Tully and it's such a great thing to watch him with him. Roddy is not totally sold on him yet, this baby tends to hog all of our attention these days, but he's getting there. He'll appreciate him more when he's a little older and they can play.


My pregnancy was very easy and uneventful, as was labor and delivery. I'm already back to pre-pregnancy weight, which unfortunately is still about 40lbs overweight for me. I'm not stressing about that so much, but I am feeling this need to give myself somewhat of a makeover. I've been so wrapped up in being pregnant and now being a mom that I've let the sweatpants and ponytails take over. My hair is a heinous shade and hasn't been cut since before I found out I was pregnant. I'm a sad version of my former self and I need to get the girl that went on that first date four years ago back. I know Bill would like to see her again.

I'd love to kick this blog back up to document this time in my life too. I realize I have less time than ever before to devote to this, but I know it would be something I'd love to have to look back on. It also would be a great outlet for me. I also want to cook more, read more, I have all these lofty ambitions and yet I spend most of my time feeding/holding an infant! So worth it. How could you not want to stare at this face all day every day?!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The next phase of life.

This poor little neglected blog! I can't believe it still gets views, so thanks for stopping by! I thought it was high time I gave an update on what's been going on. Here we are in 2014 and I started January off strong with a few food posts but then dropped off the planet when life kicked into high gear. So what's been going on?? Let's recap!

In late January we were in full swing of wedding planning and had just a few months left before the big day, so what did we decide to do? Start house hunting! Because that makes a ton of sense... but we were tired of renting and ready to make the next move and so it began. Luckily it didn't take us long to find the perfect place for us and in mid March we signed the papers and got to moving. The same weekend that my amazing bridal party threw me a bridal shower!!


After the move and the shower it was weeks of unpacking and organizing and settling in. We love our home. But just as soon as we moved in it seems like it was time for the big day!! We had the most amazing wedding day. The weather was beautiful, the people were awesome, the love was everywhere. It was just incredible. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

We took just a few days off around the wedding festivities because we were planning to take our annual trip to the Cape later in the summer. After buying a house and throwing a wedding, a lavish honeymoon wasn't exactly in the budget, but we prefer to be closer to home and spending time with friends anyway so Dennis Port was the best option.

The rest of the spring was filled with fun weekends, another friend's wedding, many visits with friends and family. Then in June, well... this happened


YES!!! Finally!!!! After a year and half of a long road of trying, we are PREGNANT!!! I am 13w3d today and officially into the second trimester!! I'm feeling great, the first trimester was actually pretty easy for me. I haven't been sick really, just bloated, TIRED and oh my goodness the mood swings. I cry. A lot. 

The doctor has been amazing about frequent visits, blood work and early ultrasounds so that we can be sure this pregnancy is progressing well and so far we've been perfectly on target. The top picture was from 7 weeks, baby was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule and had a healthy heartbeat of 170 beats per minute. The second one is from 10 weeks, the picture is not very good quality because it wasn't a formal ultrasound. The doctor has an old machine that she uses to do a quick peek during the routine monthly visit. I also borrowed a doppler so that I can hear that little heartbeat thumping away any time I want and it's been such a great thing to have. I am very lucky to be feeling so good throughout this pregnancy but sometimes it gets a little unsettling and I worry that nothing is happening in there. A quick listen on the doppler puts my mind at ease. 

I had my latest monthly check in on Thursday and the nurse practitioner took a listen to the heartbeat and said it sounds perfect, no irregularities. We are not opting for any testing to check for markers of genetic issues or downs so these little check ins are all we have until the anatomy scan. I'll be just under 19 weeks when we have that ultrasound and I cannot wait!!! I'm counting the days. 

So yeah, a lot has happened this year and we are so happy with how everything has worked out. We are so very lucky to be so blessed. I'm also surrounded by close friends that are also expecting and that has been so much fun! My cousin who's 9 months younger than me and more like a sister to me is expecting her second child. We have gone through so many milestones together and to be going through this with her is just incredible. Oh yeah, I'm due mid February! Can't wait!!! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gluten Free Chicken Stir Fry

I'm LOVING the Barilla Gluten Free pasta. It is so freaking good. I tried a new recipe last night so I could have some more of it. Next time I think I'm buying spaghetti. I haven't had spaghetti and meatballs in AGES. It's time. Last night's dish was a Pinterest find, as usual. It was called Chicken Yakisoba, but I just am calling it stir fry. Do you like to see the Pinterest image compared to the real life results? I do, so I'm going to keep writing my posts that way.

Here is the Pinterest image (click the photo to go to the original image/website):


And here is mine:


Pardon the terrible iPhone pic in my dimly lit kitchen. I tried to salvage it but I don't have Photoshop anymore and am using Aviary in Flickr for now. I used whatever vegetables I had in the fridge - a green pepper that was on it's last leg, yellow onion, garlic. I used ground ginger because I had no fresh on hand. It came out pretty good. I have yet to replicate the true flavor of Chinese food at home but I'm working on it. I had sesame oil on hand but it is so strong and the last time I used it I put way too much in and it ruined the dish. I decided not to risk it this time. I did however add red pepper flakes and it added a nice kick. Bill hates spicy food but he was having leftover chicken tacos so I went for it. I do not have Sriracha but I've wanted to try it.

Here is my version of this recipe:

Gluten Free Chicken Stir Fry


4 oz dry GF Pasta of choice, I used Barilla, try it!!
2 Boneless Chicken Breasts cut into small strips
1 Green Pepper, chopped
1 Yellow Onion, chopped
2 cloves of Garlic, minced

1/4 cup GF Soy Sauce (San-J Tamari)
1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce (French's)
2 Tbs Ketchup
1 Tbs Sugar
Ground Ginger
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes


Put the water on to boil for the pasta first. Depending on what type of GF pasta you're using, it might take the longest to cook. Barilla only takes 7 minutes so I put the water on to boil, and dropped the pasta in right before I put the chicken in the pan.

Before you start cooking the chicken, mix up the sauce in a bowl, slice the chicken, chop the vegetables. This dish comes together quickly so you want to have everything prepped and ready to go.

When everything is set, heat some oil of your choice in a large skillet or sautee pan over medium-high heat. When it's hot, add the chicken and just barely cook through. If you cut the chicken thin enough, this happens quickly.

Add the peppers and onions and cook for just a couple minutes, then add the garlic and stir to combine. Pour in the sauce and stir, cooking for a few minutes. Drain the pasta and add it to the pan with the chicken and vegetables. Stir to combine, and viola, ready to serve!

I had the leftovers for lunch today and it was still delicious. Next time I'd be brave and add a tiny bit of sesame oil and add more vegetables. I'd also use long noodles instead of elbows but that's all I had in the kitchen. Traditional rice noodles would be great as well. Enjoy!