I think I have a crush on my new Gastroenterologist. He is so wonderful. He asked me all the questions, listened to my story and gave me every ounce of confidence that he's going to help me figure out what's wrong with me and help me fix it! He looked at my old blood work and asked me why they hadn't given me all the tests for Celiac, he said with all my symptoms that's the very first thing they should've done. That was music to my ears. He had me do all the blood work immediately. I'm also scheduled for a colonoscopy (eeeek!) on May 9th and a follow up with him in July. He also made notes about an endoscopy and a small bowel x-ray. I am totally ecstatic. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. He said the most important thing right now is getting me a diagnosis, whether it be Celiac, IBD (crohns, colitis, etc) IBS or something else, first we'll figure out what it is, then we'll work on how to make it better. I LOVE THIS GUY!!! I'm also going to get myself a new primary care physician within the Beth Israel network and get in soon for a regular visit. In the words of Shauna James Ahern: YES!


bella214 said…
I know how ya feel always feeling horrible after you esat! I love your blog. My son is allergic to dairy but here is the kicker....NO ONE in our family, on either side, has any? LOL. It's always indigestion or something else, but insurance just hates paying for allergists!

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