Junk Food

Purely Decadent PB Zig Zag

Purely Decadent Peanut Butter Zig Zag dairy free "ice cream". The peanut butter is the best part of this, of course, because it's real. The chocolate part is obviously soy, tastes a lot like chocolate Silk. It's not bad, but I'm a huge chocolate ice cream fan and this doesn't come all that close. However, it also doesn't make me feel like shit, so I consider it worthy. There are definitely other options out there so I will keep experimenting. Next I will test a mint ice cream because that is really my absolute favorite.

I love snacks so being gluten and lactose free is tough but ultimately healthier and not feeling like I have a lead cannonball sitting in my stomach after every meal is pretty sweet too. This afternoon I was hungry so I walked over to the convenience store for a snack. I grabbed a bag of potato chips thinking most potato chips are gluten-free so these must be right? WRONG. Cape Cod BBQ chips are NOT gluten-free. It says it right on the bag but I was being obnoxious and didn't bother checking before I left the store. I'm so damn stubborn sometimes. Anyway, I'm over it, moving on!

I tried going gluten-free last year and gave up quickly because I found it so difficult. That was when I was fighting with the doctors about Celiac and figured since they were so convinced that I didn't have it, then it wasn't worth going gluten-free. Well after all the research I've done, I realize that it pretty much doesn't matter which digestive disorder you have, if you have one and it's not getting better, try going GF. It's only been a few days and I feel better already.


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