Oh yeah...

I'm finally going to get myself tested for Celiac. I posted this here so that I won't chicken out and cancel the appointment. See I tried to get tested last year, but neither my PCP nor the GI that he referred me to wanted to test me for it (It's just IBS you see, you are not a classic Celiac case my dear). I was too afraid to stand up for myself and demand the tests, and too afraid to admit that to anyone else so I just went along thinking I'd take care of it on my own. Well that didn't happen and here I am struggling again. In that book I just posted about it gives 3 different tests to help identify wheat, gluten and grain intolerance and I scored high on all of them. Every test I've ever taken I've scored highly on and then they all say "you scored highly, please go get tested for Celiac, especially if you have a relative with a positive diagnosis". Well you see, my mom's first cousin was diagnosed last year, and I'd be willing to bet she's not the only one that has it in the family. And so I'm finally beating myself over the head and dragging myself to Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center tomorrow to visit the Celiac Clinic. I will keep you posted on how it goes.


It's odd to say "good luck" on this test, but at least if you find out, you have some answers! And support! Keep us posted on the results. I am sure you know that sometimes the bloodwork comes back negative, and it really should be postive with the Celiac results.
Oh yeah, I was "diagnosed" with IBS too at first. After a week of stuffing bran muffins into my face as the doctor said to eat more fiber, I realized FIBER via bran was nowhere near what I needed.

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