Almost time to go back to work..

It's Sunday night. I am not finished with my homework for class tomorrow night and I'm not even going to look at it again until tomorrow and just hope for the best. Only 2 more classes and I'm moving on to Photoshop. I can't wait.

Yesterday was my cousin Steve's girlfriend Jess' baby shower. I ate so much crap and felt awful. Still do. I've got this "eat everything you love before the doctor says you can't eat it anymore" thing going on this week. Well, I think I'm done with that because I'm feeling miserable. I just have the strangest feeling that I'm going to have to have a small bowel endoscopy and biopsy done so I want to make sure I'm good and damaged. That sounds so bad, but it makes perfect sense to me. We'll see what The Doc has to say on Friday. That day seems so far away, but the good news is, my appointment is at 3:50 so that means I will have to leave work at 3 which means that my long weekend starts early. You know what though? At this point, it doesn't even matter whether it's just Crohn's or Celiac or both, I'm going to have to be gluten-free and lactose-free anyway so I might as well just get started. I can't wait to feel better. To look better. To be happier. I read an excellent article today in Living Without magazine about the gluten-free diet as it relates to autism. It's astounding to me that the GF diet can so drastically reduce the symptoms of autism! It just goes to show that there is so much that we don't understand about how food affects our bodies. It's kinda scary huh?

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is my favorite show ever. Random, I know, but it's on right now and it's the most inspiring show and I just love it. Ever since it started I've wanted to be a part of it. I'm signed up with Habitat for Humanity but I have yet to do any volunteer work for them. There are so many things I want to do with my life, how do I possibly fit them all in? It's funny today I was thinking about how scared I am about settling down and having a family because there are still so many things I want to do first. I think I'm just getting freaked out because my 28th birthday is only 10 days away. Oooh, that reminds me, today is my Dad's birthday. I saw him last night to celebrate but I should've called him today! He's probably asleep in his chair by now. I'll tell him tomorrow morning.

Ok, gonna watch the rest of EMHE. Happy Sunday.


Unknown said…
Crohn's terrifies me as I'm afraid it will shorten your life expectancy. We haven't been friends very long so you have to live a LONG time!!!

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