I love Memorial Day Weekend

Fortunately we had beautiful weather this weekend and I spent the day yesterday with my sister. We stopped by the house she's in the process of buying and then went to the Cabbyshack for lunch on the deck. Of course everyone else had the same idea so we spent a good amount of time sitting in the sun, waiting for a table, waiting for our food, you get the idea. I didn't so much mind that at all, it's just that I ended up with a bit of a sunburn and the sun and I aren't that great of friends. Last night I had trouble falling asleep and then woke up around midnight dripping sweat and not feeling so great. I was debating on driving myself to the ER due to my history of severe dehydration and fainting episodes, but I decided to try to sleep it off instead.

Today I definitely feel better, but I'm paranoid because of all the medication I'm on. I'm afraid that it's the meds that are making me sick, not the sun, but I'm pretty sure it was the sun. I always get dehydrated after spending too much time in the sun. I'm just going to pump myself full of fluids and eat well today and hopefully be totally back to normal soon. I hate being on meds, it freaks me out!

Anyway, all complaining aside, I did have a really nice weekend and I'm glad it's already Tuesday, I love short weeks!


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