Let them eat cake!

How delicious does this wedding cake look? Good enough for me to eat, because it's gluten-free! This cake was made by Vita Cohen of Celia Cakes. She runs this business out of her home and cakes are made fresh to order. In 2005 Vita's husband was diagnosed with Celiac and that's when she started experimenting with gluten-free baking. She now offers a variety of flavors of cakes and also cupcakes for special occasions and weddings. My birthday is next week and I was thinking of baking my own cake from a GF mix but then I stumbled across this website today. Maybe I'll order a cake or cupcakes instead! I imagine she's probably busy this time of year with graduations, weddings, etc. Plus I don't really have the money and was kinda curious to bake my own cake, but it's nice to know I have options! I know for sure where I'll be getting my wedding cake someday!


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