Oh yeah, that's right, it's FRIDAY!

I came across an interesting blog this morning: Drop Dead Chris is participating in a project called x365 where you write each day about a person you've met in your life. For a year. How long do you think I could keep that up? I'm going to try it. Starting today.

x365 #1: R.F. Hutchins
I'm starting this challenge from the earliest days. I have "memories" of my youngest years, but most of them are made up from photos and stories, but this person lives in my actual memory. There's no picture of him and I'm the only one that remembers this incident. We moved into 41 High Street when I was 3 years old and I remember some of the neighborhood kids coming over to meet the family. Here comes R.F. with is nunchucks. I swear to you, I'm 3 years old and here is this boy, couldn't have been 7 or 8 years old, playing with nunchucks. I was terrified of this boy and would continue to be terrified of this boy until we moved out of 41 High Street 9 years later. To this day I wonder what R.F. stands for.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Ok, now onto the rest of today's blog

Ahh, it's Friday. Before I stepped into the shower this morning I bravely stepped onto the scale to see how the old weight is holding up these days. Up is the operative word here. I mean like 10 pounds or so up. Remind me again why I didn't renew my CK membership? Oh yeah, because it costs $55 dollars! I guess I'm going to stick with the pen and paper method of counting calories these days. I am fully aware that the steroid I'm on that's fixing my insides may also cause weight gain. Excellent. I suppose the 8 or 9 cupcakes I ate over the past two days didn't help. I've known for a while that I was eventually going to have to start paying attention to not only what, but how much food goes into my mouth. I just needed to get the what under control first. Now that I'm feeling good and healthy I really need to get a grip on just how much food I'm consuming on a daily basis. I've realized that I'm taking in a ton of sugar lately, gluten-free cookies, cupcakes, waffles... they're easy and quick but gluten-free doesn't mean calorie free folks. Ok enough about that.

This weekend I will be going to see Sex and the City if not once, maybe twice. Tomorrow I'm going with the girls from kickboxing and there's a chance that I will go tonight with the roommate. I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it, but worried that it will be disappointing. I hate building up a movie with great previews and then being let down when all the good action only happened in the previews. I'm sure it will be great. The rest of the weekend will be spent finishing up my final project for Fundamentals of Design and hopefully relaxing and enjoying the spring weather. Last night I ate dinner in the backyard for the first time. It was awesome.

I've also realized that now that I've got the whole stomach thing going in the right direction, it's time for me to stop avoiding the opposite sex. Yes, that means I'm going to attempt to start dating again. I'm not sure exactly what that means yet. Match.com? Perhaps. Yahoo personals? Maybe. Those who know me, know that I am not very good at this. I am typically the type of person that thinks it'll happen when it happens and you shouldn't try to force it (say for example, online dating...) but really, when you're pushing 30 and you don't get out that much, what else are you supposed to do? And let's be honest here, that guy you met at the bar last night is not going to be nearly as hot in the sober light of day as you thought he was after 3 or 4 glasses of pinot.

...Happy Friday!


Cynthia said…
I met my husband through online dating!!! :D

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