Preparation Time

This weekend I went to my friends' wedding, the new Mr. and Mrs. Pete Obin! It was a very lovely event and I had a wonderful time. Crystal looked beautiful and now they are on their way to sunny St. Lucia. Of course after the wedding was the hotel after-party and I didn't get home until almost 4 in the morning. So pretty much I spent all day yesterday laying around in my pj's which is nice to do once in awhile but I honestly hate wasting an entire day like that. I was feeling pretty miserable though because I'd been drinking beer all night. This week I'm preparing for my colonscopy and all I can eat over the next couple of days is refined carbs, lean proteins and lots of fluids. Thursday I have to do the liquid diet and then I go in to Beth Israel at 7:30 on Friday morning. I'm feeling pretty miserable at this point but I just keep reminding myself that by Friday my system will be clean and then I can start over. I intend on telling my GI that I am going to be gluten-free as of that day and if he wants to do an endoscopy he better do it quick because my intestines are going to be on their way to healed as soon as possible. I can't stand feeling like this anymore!

I'm also pretty bummed about the fact that my cell phone is totally busted, so if you've tried to call me within the last week or so and got my voicemail, that's why. I've been checking the messages as often as I can but since I don't have a land-line at home, I can only check them from the office. Thankfully that rebate check is due to arrive in my account this week so it's probably going to either repair this phone or buy me a new one. I haven't even had this phone that long! So frustrating.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Happy Cinco de Mayo! and Happy Birthday to Matt Gallagher!


C said…
I am caught up now. Are you getting a new phone? Have a great day. I guess they serve wine at Busch I am not sure! Chat with ya! C

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