Where do I begin? I have Crohn's Disease. Full blown, advanced, ulcer filled Crohn's diseased. The good news is there is no evidence of damage anywhere in my digestive system other than the terminal ileum. That specific location however, is a mess. Isn't that lovely? I thought so. And so now what do we do? First up, medication. Not my ideal situation, but there's no question we have to take care of the inflammation first and foremost. He didn't even mention diet. So I asked, what about the diet? He says, well you really shouldn't have to change anything, basically saying just let the medication work its magic. He did say that if there are certain foods that bother me then I can certainly eliminate them. I told him about my research on gluten free and specific carb diets. He gave me the standard answer that I had a feeling he would give. There is no scientific evidence to support a gluten free diet. But he did say that it is certainly true that it is hard for us to digest gluten. He did more blood work, sent in my prescriptions, and told me to come back in three months.. or sooner if I feel worse or have issues with the medication. I am not keen on the side effects of these meds! Possible weight gain, acne, stomach aches (isn't that what I'm trying to avoid???)...

I am not exactly sure what to do next. Do I go ahead and go gluten-free anyway knowing that it will probably help? Or do I just try to eat generally healthier and not worry about it? He said that dealing with Crohn's disease is hard enough as it is, and trying such a strict diet is basically just setting yourself up for failure. Not to mention a ton more stress, which can aggravate the issue. I am at a loss at this moment. What the heck do I do now?? I'm leaning towards going ahead with the gluten-free diet anyway. There are just too many success stories not to. Maybe. I don't know. So confused. Gotta go watch this movie that's on and think about all this later.... Thanks so much to all of you for your support through all this, I have such wonderful friends!!!


Cynthia said…
I came by specifically to see if you'd gotten your results. Sorry to hear about the Chron's diagnosis. Kevin's ex has this too, but I don't know a lot about it. Will you have to take meds forever or is it just something to help alleviate the inflammation in the short term?

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