Sticking to my guns.

I've had a little bit of time to digest (eh hem) all this and I think I know what I need to do here. I have some horrible visions in my head of surgeries and ostomy bags and infertility and cancer just from stories people have told me in the past day and a half and it's more than enough to convince me that the gluten-free life is the life for me. There are just too many positives and not enough negatives not to do this for myself. I realize that there's a chance that it may not work, but there's also a chance that it will quite literally save my life. That's all I need to know. Let me show The Doc how much healthier I will be when I'm gluten-free.

My Mom has a hard time understanding why I want to do this despite the fact that I do not have Celiac. She hasn't read all the books I've read and heard all the stories I've heard of healthy, happy, gluten-free people. She just wants me to be able to live my life without the stress of having to watch everything I eat, and if the medication they give me will allow me to do that then why wouldn't I? Well Mom, you should read the literature that comes with the medication. When you're 28 years old and your doctor tells you that you need to be on a medication for the rest of your life that you absolutely cannot get pregnant when you're on it... well that makes something inside of me break and I just can't deal with that. I read these laundry lists of side effects and I'm thinking to myself I never even take tylenol, why on earth would I want to take these forever? Listen, I'm all about taking the meds to get this issue under control. I believe that's really important. But I am of the utmost faith that I can and will maintain it with my diet.

Mom's coming around though, I got to her house last night and found a gluten-free cake mix sitting on my designated gluten-free shelf in the pantry. She hadn't made the cake yet but the fact that she went out and found that mix and bought it was huge. I don't even care if she ever makes the cake, the fact that she bought it just shows that no matter what, she supports me and that's the most important thing. She even was looking up techniques I think, because when I was looking at the mix she was remarking on how expensive it was and that she learned that she can make a cake with her own GF flour mix and she'll do that instead next time. I love my Mom!! She bakes these incredible whoopie pies that are an old family recipe and she is trying to get to the point where she can market them and I said that someday we'll have to develop a gluten-free version. They really are the most delicious whoopie pies on earth.

Ok, well it's a beautiful day here in Boston and I am surely not going to waste it. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!


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