What do you mean you don't have Redbridge?

Sox Game with Allie

Before the game we headed over to the Beacon Street Tavern because Allie called in advance to see if they have Redbridge, which they said they did. She knew this because she'd been to their sister restaurant many times and they always have it available. Upon arrival we were told by the bartender that he was mistaken, they stopped carrying Redbridge and now serve New Grist instead. We were disappointed but thought we'd give it a try. The photo above is not one I took, I forgot to do that, so I google imaged it. The frothy head you see in that pic is quite deceiving, I didn't pour mine into a glass but I could tell straight from the bottle that this is not a frothy beer. In fact it didn't actually taste much like beer at all. It was quite fruity, more reminiscent of a cider, but not at all bad, just not what we were hoping for. We wanted beer.

We headed over to Fenway and luckily they now serve wine there, so we got our girlie cups of Beringer Chardonnay and sheepishly walked to our seats. We both used to be avid beer drinkers so to be sipping on a glass of white at a Sox game... well it's just not fun! We had a great time though, the game was not very good, the Sox lost 3-0 to the Jays.

Unfortunately on our last trip to the alcohol line, they ran out of white so Allie took the last one, and since I'm still un-diagnosed and in testing phase I went for the beer that was so conveniently already in front of me just calling my name. I paid for it later though.

All in all it was a great night, I asked Allie a bunch of questions about how she's been dealing with her GF lifestyle and it was really helpful and nice to know that I have someone close to go through all this stuff with. Thanks Allie for a great night!!


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