Boston is the place to be!

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics for winning the NBA Finals! I have to admit that I don't watch basketball very often, and didn't watch a single Celtics game all season including the playoffs. But I do generally love sports and I'm really excited to have another championship in Boston! Tomorrow will be the big celebration, I wonder if I'll get out of the office to see it. Probably not, I didn't go to the Red Sox parade last fall and I care about them more than any other team so I really doubt I'll take the time to go see the Celtics.

Another awesome event that's taking place this week is the Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party at City Hall Plaza. This might not be the ideal event for us GF folks, since it's basically a giant outdoor BBQ. Who knows what goes into those rubs and marinades? But it's a beach party and they have live bands and it only costs $5 to get in. It would be a good opportunity to meet local food people and see what's out there for gluten-free options. I say it sounds like a great event just go to and check out for a fun evening. I'd love to go tonight after work, anyone interested? It's here until Sunday, weekend tickets are $10. Tomorrow night I'll be heading to DOT for my friend Mark's birthday but I could also go to the BBQ on Friday night. Just putting it out there for my Boston girls. :)

It's a slow day here at work, it's one of those days where you eat breakfast and then immediately start anticipating what's for lunch. Today I have one of Amy's frozen meals. I think I brought the GF Shephard's Pie. Not really a summer fun food but I didn't have much left in the kitchen. I just jumped over to her website and came across this GF Diet Plan for weight loss. Of course it means eating Amy's foods 2-3 times per day (not gonna happen) but I found it interesting anyway. Check out Amy's GF Diet Plan here.

Happy Hump Day!


M said…
I know. I was reading and talking to my fiend and realized that he needs to eat a "regular" diet. The poor kid is asking for "no flour" cookies. He is scared of a tummy ache.

Thanks for the comment back. I appreciate the advice.

Take care.


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