Confessions and Lessons Learned

I glutened myself on Sunday night. I sit here shaking my head in disgust as I type these words. I don't know if the 90 degree weather was getting to me or if I had just eaten so much GF pasta salad that my brain shut down, but I did it. I thought since I'd been really good lately that a little gluten wouldn't bother me so much. I was so very wrong. My body is all out of whack. I've been in a brainfog for two days. My head throbs. I feel like I may or may not throw up, I may or may not pass out. My muscles are weak and achy and I've spent the majority of today visiting the ladies room... oh the horror. I should've known, the less gluten you eat, the worse you feel when it finds its way back into your system. I did know this, I just pretended like that rule doesn't apply to me. I don't have Celiac, I am just gluten free because I think it will help my Crohn's so why should the same rules apply to me? Ha you fool! You're gluten intolerant just like the rest of them. Did I mention it's only the 3rd week? Considering my personality and my history with following instructions, I'd say I'm doing rather well. I always learn the lessons the hard way and this time is no exception. I just hope it's over soon because I'm dying here. Even my teeth hurt...


Liz said…
Hey Jenny!

I just found you through the virtual gluten-free BBQ. I am so psyched to see someone else from Quincy with a gluten-free blog! I look forward to reading more.

Allie said…

so -- I want to DEFINITELY either volunteer at or just go to the Gluten Free Cooking Spree in Boston -- I signed up a while ago, and occasionally get emails about checking my information, i just got one last week.

Also -- have you been here before:

That NH weekend looks great, but too much $$, and i'm not around, but there are definitely some good things going on...

so glad it's not SUPER hot out anymore!!
Julia said…
Hey Jenny!
My name is Julia and I know Allie so found your blog through hers. I have really enjoyed reading it. I have been gluten free since being diagnosed with celiac in 2001 and I promise you it only gets easier and easier!

I live in Somerville so was excited to see your post about the Gluten Free Cooking Spree in Boston. I am definitely signing up for volunteering or going!

Now if only we had all the great GF restaurants that NY does we would be all set:)
Jen said…
Hey Julia!
I saw your comments on Allie's page and tried to get your info so I could say Hi but I couldn't get it so I'm glad you commented! I'm so glad there are more people around here that are GF! Now I'm really getting excited for the cooking spree, it should be a great time! I am also exclamation mark happy today.. !!!!
M said…
Oh no. You gotta take it easy lady. Just look, don't eat it next time. Have an easy weekend.


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