Delicious Bread!

GF Honey Oat Bread 2
Whole Foods Gluten-Free Honey Oat Bread

I finally took Allie's advice and went over to Whole Foods and bought a loaf of this bread. I toasted some up this morning and spread some all natural peanut butter on it and added some fresh raspberries on the side. Oh my goodness is this bread wonderful. It is the most "real" gluten-free bread I've had so far. It toasts up beautifully, doesn't get that hard as cardboard texture. The taste? Well there's no question it's gluten-free but it's definitely yummy. The peanut butter really over-powered the taste of the bread, but I had some more for lunch with tuna, lettuce and tomato and it was awesome. The loaf is round and whole, not cut, and the crust fell off when I cut it but I didn't so much mind that. It's soft, chewy, bready and delicious. Check out the texture:
GF Honey Oat Bread 1

Thanks Allie for recommending this! It will definitely be a regular staple in my diet.


Liz said…
Yum! That looks tasty -- though anything with peanut butter looks tasty to me. Good to know about the Whole Foods bread; I'll have to try it next time I'm there.
M said…
That looks tasty.

You are not gonna believe this. My 8 year old sons body is totally showing sign of not loving gluten.

Tell me what you think.

In the last two weeks he has crampy tummy...doesn't want to button his pants because it's sorta bloated. He has some powerful gas. Yikes! He has floating poop! I know...WAY to much info. I am just trying to get a grip on this. He didn't eat gluten today..until dinner. He was fine...until dinner.

I think I should have him tested.

Okay, now that I wrote a book! Sorry. I got carried away.

Take care.


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