It's 90 degrees, plan accordingly.

In my efforts to do fun things at minimal cost, I decided it would be fun to head over to the Dragon Boat Festival yesterday. I knew it was on the Charles River, but what I failed to check was exactly where on the Charles this event was taking place. I figured I'd just get off at the Charles MGH stop and walk. It couldn't be that far down right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. I walked and walked and walked, in 90+ degrees and there was no dragon boat festival in sight. By the time I made it to the Fenway area I couldn't go any further. I was kicking myself hard for not actually reading the directions in the first place. I admitted defeat and walked over to Kenmore square and rode the trains all the way back to Quincy center.

On the ride back I remembered that I wanted to go to the library so the day wasn't an entire waste... yet. I wanted to find a good book about cooking. Well don't you know, libraries don't carry books newer than 1986 and so, I found nothing. I did pick up a book about a restaurant though, this is a story, not an instruction manual. And then I paid the $10.40 I had accrued in late fees. Yes I know, late fees are like .05 a day... I'm terrible at returning books to the library. That's 20 feet away from my apartment.

So then I walked home and sat on the couch for the rest of the afternoon underneath the ceiling fan and watched a Workout marathon. That show really reminds me that I haven't been to the gym in awhile. Did some laundry, ate yet another bowl of pasta salad, and went to bed. And now it's Monday again. How did that happen?


Cynthia said…
"Well don't you know, libraries don't carry books newer than 1986 and so, I found nothing."

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