It's one of those days...

I've always been an irritable person. Perhaps it's always been because of my irritable bowels? Ha. No really though, I've always been moody, short fused, let the little things get to me a bit too much. Since I've been on the Crohn's meds this past month, my moods have gotten worse. Seriously worse. I mean irrational. The tiniest things just set me off and I stifle it because I know it's outrageous that I want to punch the girl sitting next to me on the Red Line because she keeps elbowing me. What gives? Is it the meds? Is it the stress of the diet and meds? Is it just me? Am I just getting crazier the older I get? I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. I don't go back to the doctor until August 26th and I don't want to make an appointment in the meantime. I seriously hope that this all evens out eventually because dealing with this for the rest of my life just might drive me completely insane!
Ok, done with the rant. It's one of those days where I woke up late, I don't have very good options to eat, I didn't eat anything until I got to work, my aunt flo is on her way over... you know, just one of those days. I did however, resist the urge to cheat and eat a donut. Yay for me making progress!!
I seriously have to focus on work today. Back tomorrow.


Liz said…
Yay for not eating the donut! It's so easy for me to eat badly (and be tempted to eat gluten) when I'm feeling moody. I can totally relate to getting annoyed on the T as well -- especially in Quincy there seems to be more shoving than other spots -- ugh!

I'm not sure if you're interested in hollistic stuff, but taking vitamin B seems to help calm my nerves a bit. There's a supplement in linquid form that you can just take a drop of to ease stress a bit; I'll find the name of it for you if you're interested...

Feel better Jenny -- you're not alone in this (especially when it's nearing that time of the month):)

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