Looky Here!

I just found the most wonderful website EVER! I love cookbooks. I was at the store the other day and I was going to buy this book about basic cooking techniques, list price $16.99. I was at the self checkout at Stop & Shop and it wouldn't ring in so I just left it at the checkout, thinking I shouldn't spend the money right now anyway. Well today I happened to find THIS site and I just ordered 4 books about cooking, including the one I tried to buy the other day ALL for $15.71!!! It's a book club, kinda like a music club, where you sign up and then you have to buy a certain amount of books (only 2!) at list price in order to fulfill the membership but it is SO worth it for the savings. Books are so expensive! I need to find some used books bookstores also though, I know that would help. I just can't help but love shiny new books. I can spend hours in Borders or Barnes & Noble. Ok, I'm totally excited now, I can't wait for my new books to arrive!


Cynthia said…
I used to belong to that site, I got some nice cookbooks for decent prices. The only reason I canceled is because I need more cookbooks like a hole in the head!! LOL

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