Monday Musings

It's already 3pm and even though there's a Sox game tonight and I'm gonna have to fight the traffic, I'm actually looking forward to going to class later.

I discovered today that my check book balance is dangerously low and so I made the decision to go back to my part-time job. I will be working at the YMCA again as a fitness instructor one night a week. The perks = free membership, half priced kickboxing class and an extra paycheck every other week. For 4 hours a week I think it's worth it! I left so that I could focus on school, but school is turning out to be pretty easy so I can give up my Tuesday nights to earn some extra money. I've been working at the Y for almost 3 years with the exception of a total of 4 months I took off for various reasons. I'm glad to be going back.

This change in schedule is going to seriously alter my eating habits. I need to come up with a good plan for meals for the week so I am never stuck without breakfast or lunch. I will not have time Monday thru Wednesday to cook at all so I need to be sure that I have appropriate food for work Mondays thru Thursdays and then I can cook on Thursday nights thru Sundays. I'll have to cook a lot on those days and freeze stuff for the rest of the week.

I've been meaning to be more organized about my food anyway. I tend to go to the grocery store way too frequently and as a result I spend a fortune on groceries. I'm not being smart at all about that and I obviously don't have the money to be doing it!

Ok, more later, hope you're having a lovely Monday.


M said…
Son is fine. Thank goodness. Some yogart and water got him back on track.

I posted a recipe for a chicken marinade. I wonder if you used gluten free soy sauce if it would work for you? It has lots of sugar though.

Take care. Best luck with your p/t job.

Cynthia said…
I find that when I take the time to prepare a few meals for the freezer, my week goes so much better. Before I went to the store last night, Kevin and I talked through the menu for the week and that helps a lot to know what we are going to eat so that I have the right stuff. For example, sometimes we will make a whole chicken on the rotisserie (very cheap eating!) and then use the leftovers the following evening to make chicken quesidillas. The hard part is really just making the time to plan and then setting aside an afternoon or evening to do the cooking!

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