Words of Wisdom

Lactose-free or not, it's never a good idea to eat almost half a quart of chocolate ice cream before hitting the gym for an intense kickboxing workout. Or any other workout for that matter.

Last night was my first night back to kickboxing. The past couple months I had been going very sporadically due to all the doctor's visits and tests and all around just feeling weak, sick and tired. I got home from work at 6 and made some leftover pasta with meat sauce. That right there would've been more than enough to sustain me through the hour and a half class but I just found Lactaid ice cream the other night so it was in the freezer calling my name! Well, needless to say, it didn't help me at all. I don't even know why I did that! I'm thinking oh I feel good today, I should be able to handle a little ice cream before I get my ass handed to me in class later! Ha, stupid girl! Oh well. The good news is, class was awesome despite the mild discomfort. My body is functioning so much better already after only one month. This was the first class of a new 8 week session so there were a lot of new people. I partnered up with this one woman who by the end of the first half of class was ready to walk out the door. I convinced her to stay and stick it out and she did! Reminds me why I do actually like being a trainer and I'm glad to be back working at the Y. I'm not a trainer in this class but I've been taking it for over a year so when there's new people I always try to help out. I love that class.

I haven't posted any new recipes lately because I haven't actually been doing much cooking lately. My schedule doesn't allow for much of that unfortunately. Later I'll post a list of what I eat during the week for anyone interested in a not-so-exciting grocery list! Maybe you can offer some suggestions of how I can spice it up a bit!


Liz said…
I have totally been there before. I'm not too good about limiting my food intake before soccer games -- nothing like food sloshing around in your stomach for 90 minutes!

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