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It's the end of Wednesday already. Three work days done and I'm just catching my breath. Let's talk more about my vacation. This was my first official gluten-free vacation and I'm pleased to say it was a complete success! My Uncle Mike is an awesome cook and he agreed to take care of dinner each night for everyone. We met at his house a couple weeks before vacation so that we could plan the menu and make sure that the dinners on the nights I'd be there would be ok for me to eat. There were really only two nights that I was there for dinner, the first night we just ate quick and easy stuff. I had a hot dog, no bun, and some potato salad. I forgot to take the picture of the hot dog so all you get is the rest of my ketchup!
Vaca 08 024

My aunt Jo-Anne makes a delicious potato salad
Vaca 08 029

The second night we had steak tips and they were awesome. Here they are cooking up on the grill
Vaca 08 091
We ate these with Carolina Long Grain and Wild Rice, and sauteed zucchini and summer squash.

The third night was the best. Mike makes an awesome Beer Butt Chicken. Yeah, that's right, I said Beer Butt Chicken! Shove a can of beer up the butt of a chicken and sit it on the grill like so
Vaca 08 243

When it's done cooking, remove the can and carve it up
Vaca 08 328

Vaca 08 341

I know what you're thinking... "It's made with BEER?! Won't that make you sick?!" and the answer is... YES! So he made two of the chickens with soda!
Vaca 08 332

Vaca 08 334

The point of cooking this way is to grill up a deliciously moist, flavorful chicken and it definitely works. It was awesome. We served it up with some fried corn and more of that delicious potato salad.
Vaca 08 338

I ate a lot of food while I was away, but it was all gluten-free and all delicious. I did get a little bit sick one night but I couldn't pin-point what it was that got to me. I don't think it was gluten though, more like too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!
We really had a great time, here's a pic of the whole family, minus my twin cousins that don't love having their picture taken
family camping
Can't wait for my next vacation!!


M said…
We make that chicken when we go camping. We never really had a name for it. I love "Beer Butt Chicken"!! That is the perfect name for it.

Take it easy.

Liz said…
Awww -- family time! Love it!

The food and photography look amazing.

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