Lilies are by far my favorite flowers. I took this photo on Saturday at my aunt and uncle's house. My uncle used to do landscaping and his yard is beautiful and he wanted me to do some photos. I got a bunch of good ones.

I did end up in the hospital Friday afternoon having an ultrasound done to make sure there's no clotting in my legs. But I had been chugging water and eating nothing but fruits and veggies and by Saturday morning the swelling was gone. I just was taking a look back at some photos that I took of myself last year and boy have I put on a few pounds. I feel horrible. I know that part of it is the steroids, but part of it is also me just eating too much. I have to get that under control if I want to look good at the wedding in September. It's only 2 months away. I really just want my jawline back, my face is turning into a pumpkin and that is definitely a steroid side effect.

Not much else to report today. I'm picking up my Great-Grandmother and Great-Aunt at the airport on Wednesday so that will be a nice break in the week. They come in around noon time so I'll have the rest of the day off. I just have to be back in Quincy in time for kickboxing of course! I love that class so much, we had another great workout on Saturday. I'm so much stronger now and the workouts don't make me feel like I'm going to pass out anymore. It's so much better.


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