A "salad" is not always "healthy"

I just stumbled across the best nutritional website EVER. How did I not know of this years ago? I've been a member of calorieking.com for years and I find the food diary very difficult to use, so I never log anything, so I gain weight. Excuses, excuses, I know! But seriously, now I'm determined to get back to logging my intake everyday now that I've determined I need to monitor my sodium and potassium. Not to mention the fact that I'm plumping up faster than a Ballpark Frank in a pot of boiling water.

Check it out!
Nutrition Data.com

You get your own "pantry" to store all of the foods you eat, then you can get complete and extensive nutritional information, including a printable nutrition label. You can put food together to get recipe info or meal info, any way you want to break it down. I input the salad that I had for lunch today and I was [not] surprised to see that it was very high in calories (potato salad on the side...). I have got to stop this weight gain and I'm hoping this gem of a website will help me with that.

Nutrition Data.com 2

Last night after kickboxing I was stretching with two of the girls and I was asking Victoria what I can do to help with the swelling in my calves and ankles and Kara said "yeah I noticed you were swollen." Well I can talk all day about how the steroids are making me fat, but let's be honest here, the steroids are making me hungry and yes, they do cause water retention, but I dear reader am making myself fat. ::end rant::


Liz said…
Too cool! I am totally using that site.

I swell up so badly too, and that's not even with meds. It's funny how, especially after working out, I feel "fatter" because that's when I tend to retain the most water.

Welcome back from vacation! And tell me all about Flatbread when you get back. I'm pretty sure I'm making the trip there tomorrow night.
Vittoria said…
I use this site for everything! I input and save my recipes, and my most frequent meals, and then I do one big "label" for each day so I can see the whole thing all together, and my percentages.
M said…
LOVE this. Sounds really cool. I am going to check it out for sure. Thanks for the great info.

Take it easy.


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