Vacation Recap

It's Thursday night. I'm still on vacation until Sunday but unfortunately I'm feeling like it's already over! I'm throwing a party at my house on Saturday night so now I feel like I have to go home, clean the house, do all the laundry, do my homework for school on Monday, etc. etc. For now I'll just enjoy that it's only Thursday and I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow.

So far this week I have taken about 1,ooo photos. Literally. I'm having a really hard time deciding which ones to upload. I took the most generic out of each batch just to give you an overview. I'll be uploading the rest of them soon. Let's recap!

It all started last Thursday, the 3rd of July, which is the annual party with the high school friends. We are definitely getting older. This was the 11th annual event. It's so strange that half of us are married with kids. We had a great time. Unfortunately I didn't get a group shot this year, but this is one of my best friend Lauren and I on the beach. Intoxicated. Of course.

I don't know if she reads this blog but if you do.. I know you hate me for posting this pic, sorry!!

Friday was spent at my parents' house for the annual 4th of July BBQ/day of recovery from the 3rd. This is some of the family. My sister is holding the newest edition to the family Owen, his mom is the one with the sunglasses.

4th BBQ

In the evening we boarded the Tails of the Sea with my brother-in-law for a harbor cruise and fireworks display in Plymouth Harbor.
The people on the boat:
Riding the Tails of the Sea

My brother-in-law, Captain Jon
Captain Jon

The fireworks
Fireworks 08

Saturday and half of Sunday were spent preparing for camping. Here's us on the way to see the Hypnotist at the campground Monday night:
Family Camping

We came back from camping yesterday and then today the girls, my sister, my brother's girlfriend and I, took a trip to Provincetown (aka P-Town).
Girls Day at P-Town

And now here I am unwinding. These pictures are not even close to the best I have, but they are good general representations of what I did without overloading you with photos and details. Plus that would take me another week to do! I will definitely upload more to my Flickr page and my Picasa web albums and will share them with you soon! For now, I must close this laptop for the night.
Back soon with more details and vaca recaps and all that fun stuff.


M said…
You are all so cute. None of those peps will be upset about the posted pics. They are so fun.

Take care!

xo M

PS. I'm gonna visit my gluten free friend tomorrow. I really wanted to bring something yummy for her to eat. All she wanted was hummus. Oh well.
Liz said…
Love the photos! It looks like so much fun!
M said…
I posted yet another chicken recipe. I think you would really like all the flavors. The only thing is the vinegar. You may want rice vinegar or just skip it all together.

Take care.


PS. My gluten free friend can eat Fritos! Mmmmm
Cynthia said…
looks like a blast!!!

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