Yup, that's right, 60 DAYS.

I am the maid-of-honor in my cousin's wedding in 60 days. That's it. Two months from now I will be walking down the isle in a beautiful dress that I damn well better fit into. And since I've put on a few pounds since I ordered the dress, I'm now on a mission to take them off. So for the next 60 days I'll be counting calories. It's my favorite way to lose weight. No wacky diets that say to rarely eat vegetables but beer is ok. No nonsense, just traditional old calorie counting. I'll use nutritiondata.com to log my intake so that I can also see my nutrient percentages. I'll exercise, 2 days of kickboxing as usual and then whatever else I can fit in. I will fit into that dress and look amazingly gorgeous on September 27th. Oh yes I will. I'm doing this here as a way to keep myself accountable. I know you all will be watching over me making sure I'm not OD-ing on snickers. I'll keep you posted!


Cynthia said…
the nutrient tracking is one thing that CK is sorely lacking. Even sparkpeople tracks more nutrients than CK! Its like the dont see the benefit of it or something?? :boggle:

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