Day 15

Vaca 08 038
I'm feeling patriotic today. Ok well I haven't had a chance to upload any of the pictures I've taken recently so you get an old one from vacation back in July.
Tonight I'm going on a Boston harbor cruise on the Odyssey which is a pretty nice boat. The last time I was on it was about 6 or 7 years ago when I worked at the bank and we had a work party on it. This time I'm going with my friend Pat's company for their annual family fun boat cruise. A few of my other friends will be attending as well so I'm really looking forward to it. One of them will be my friend Steve who also is my kickboxing instructor and I expect him to give me hell because I've missed the last 3 classes, plus the class we're all missing tonight and I'm also going to miss class on Saturday which just so happens to be the last class of the session. And we don't start back up until September. I guess I better figure out another workout plan for the next few weeks if I have any hopes of taking off these pounds!! I'm debating whether I'm going to leave from work tomorrow night and drive over to pick up my dress or wait until Saturday. I'd rather do it tomorrow night but I'm concerned about sitting in traffic. But I'd rather just get it done so that's probably what I'll do.
Now that the shower and bachelorette party are over my life is settling back to normal. This weekend we're having a meeting to discuss the business and what our plan is going to be for at least the next year. We need to do a little re-organizing and re-focusing. I'm looking forward to that.
I was going over my finances yesterday and I determined that my credit cards will be paid off by February of 2010. One year and six months! I was thinking it would be August of that year so I am really excited about having only a year and a half rather than 2 more years of payments. It has been a struggle to pay such a huge chunk of my income each month on those cards but it's so worth it. The day I'm paid off is going to be such a huge accomplishment! I have the date taped to my computer monitor to remind me how close I am to being debt free. Aside from student loans of course, but those will be hanging over my head for years to come and the interest rate is so low, I'm not that concerned about it.
My mom has already made a comment to me about buying a condo when my debt is paid off. I'm not so sure about that. My roommate has mentioned going back to school which would mean she'd be moving out and I'd either have to find a new roommate, get my own apartment, or buy something. I love my apartment and would prefer to stay there and wouldn't mind having another roommate. It's nice to have someone around, when my roommate is away I get lonely! Plus it would allow me to save a lot of money. I'd rather just wait a few more years, save up a down payment and buy something later. I'm not totally sold on buying anyway. I know it's an investment and people are always saying that renting is just throwing money away but I'd rather rent and put all the money I'd save on taxes and utilities and all the other costs of being a homeowner into other forms of investments. Maybe I just don't know enough about the benefits of owning a home. But as a single girl with no man to take care of me and the yard work (yes I'm totally old school!), I just don't see any reason to buy until I'm in a seriously committed (aka married) relationship. And that day is FAR off. Well, we'll see how I feel about all that in a year and a half. Who knows, maybe I'll have met Prince Charming by then... ha!

Ok, off to working, Happy Hump Day!


Cynthia said…
Re the house - I say keep saving money and do it down the road. :) Home ownership (especially as a single girl) can be somewhat a pain in the @ss because SOMETHING is always breaking. Unless you know lots of people good at fixing things, it can really get expensive!

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