Feelings pass with time.

We have this saying in kickboxing, well we didn't make it up, but we say it a lot... Pain is but a feeling, feelings pass with time, and time passes. Usually Steve is barking that at us when we're complaining about doing too many leg lifts. But today it applies to me for other reasons. I skipped kickboxing tonight so that I could go grocery shopping. You know when you just have to take a night off and regroup? Yeah, I did that tonight. I went to the health food store and got some GF stuff, then to Stop & Shop for regular groceries. While I was in S&S my cousin called because she got the invitation to her bridal shower today. She loved it. We talked for a good hour and it was so nice because I haven't really talked to or seen her in a long time. I hate that as we get older somehow life gets in the way. I need to fix that issue. Then I cooked myself a delicious steak dinner with rice and brussel sprouts. It is one of those nights where everything cooked perfectly and tasted just delicious. Then I had some lactose free ice cream for desert. Now I'm watching John & Kate Plus 8 which I love. I also got to talk to one of the girls that's coming to the bachelorette party that I don't talk to very often and I was glad to hear that she'll be here on Saturday.

I've taken a deep breath, eaten some healthy food, relaxed and now I'm ready to face the hectic (but fun!) weekend ahead. Gluten-free.


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