I Heart Whole Foods


Do you like my new kicks? I'm not supposed to be wearing them at work, as they are supposed to be strictly for working out, but today I just needed the comfort of sneakers. I've been wearing flip flops for months and my feet are tired and need some love and support. Not to mention it was cold this morning! In August! I didn't mind, I can't wait for the fall.

I feel like all I ever do on this blog is complain these days. It started out so positive and all "Yay gluten-free! Crohn's can't get to me!" and now it's all "wah wah wah, I'm so fat, I hate my medication, wah wah wah, I eat junk all the time, sob sniffle sob sob." Well tough crap, this is my blog and I can say whatever I want! No... seriously, I don't like myself being Nelly Negative either. It's day 22. I weigh exactly the same today as I did on day 1. AWESOME. Twenty-two days, wasted. It's not that I didn't try, ok well I didn't make a valiant effort, but I did make a few small changes... baby steps, right? Not when you've only got 60 days to do it! You've got to take giant leaps to reach your goals when you're working on a strict deadline. This week I've been especially good, I've been sticking to the low carb, more veggies than grains plan and I felt like it was working, until I stepped on the scale this morning. This particular week however, is not a very good time to be focusing on weight issues if you know what I'm saying... yeah, you know what I'm saying. But boy did it put me under a dark cloud today. Last night I was all "hey I'm starting to feel better!" and then this morning I stepped on the scale and promptly stepped off of it, resisting the urge to hurl it through the window, and walked out of the bathroom in a hurry.

I couldn't stand to eat another slice of ham, or hard boiled egg, or chicken breast for lunch so I walked out of the office with wallet in hand and no particular destination in mind. Thankfully my new sneakers guided me directly to Whole Foods where I purchased a loaf of glutino bread, some milk (lactaid) and some envirokids animal cookies (gf). Ok, maybe I could've done without the cookies, but at least they are all natural and gluten-free. I can't tell you how valuable it is to have a Whole Foods right down the street from my office. I stood in the frozen foods section for a really long time just kind of looking around because I couldn't help but notice that there are a TON of gluten-free options. An endless supply of frozen meals by all different companies, with big, fat, brightly colored labels. Macaroni & Cheese GLUTEN-FREE! Chicken Alfredo GLUTEN-FREE! Pad Thai GLUTEN-FREE! Now, don't get me wrong, I typically do not enjoy frozen entrees, but it's good to know that there are options out there. When I first went on Weight Watchers back in 2002, I ate Lean Cuisines practically on a daily basis. Easy to count, it said the points value right on the box! But they are gross and full of sodium and chemicals and ever since then I have a huge aversion to frozen entrees. But I ate one of Amy's vegan dishes a few weeks ago and it actually tasted like real food!

Ok, enough about that, I am far beyond the end of my lunch break and totally violating the Zero Tolerance Policy.

Happy Hump Day my friends :)


Cynthia said…
I rarely eaten frozen meals either, but I agree about Amy's - they are tasty!

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