Lunch Break = Blog Time

Day 20 and the start of my version of the South Beach Diet. I say my version because 1. It has to be gluten-free and 2. I've decided to do a modified version of Phase 1 and include a limited amount of (gf) grain based carbs. Let's be honest, ever since I did weight watchers in 2002 I have not been able to stick to a structured diet for more than a few days at a time. Therefore, attempting to go balls-to-the-wall South Beach Diet is just setting myself up for failure. I don't have all that much weight to lose and the more stress I'm under, the harder it will be to shed the pounds. Plus, I'm trying to create good habits that will last a long time, not just a temporary fix.

The past few months I've had a hard time keeping up with the grocery shopping and I end up going out to get my lunch instead. Many days I find myself at Souper Salad spending $7 on a salad that I could've made myself every day for the whole week for $7. This week I decided to finally take charge and get to the supermarket yesterday. I already had a few things on hand so I just picked up what I needed. Last night I grilled up 2 pork chops and 3 chicken breasts and boiled a dozen eggs. Because I go straight from 7am to 10pm Monday through Wednesday, it's important for me to have plenty of food to get me through the long days without being able to go home and cook. I bought lettuce, tomatoes, onions, celery, ham and turkey. Today I made myself a salad just like the one I would typically have at Souper Salad and for a fraction of the cost. It was delicious. I'm pretty happy about that! I also made a big pot of rice and divided it up into 8oz tupperware containers so I could quickly grab a serving to heat up. Tonight before I go to class I'll heat up a pork chop, rice and broccoli for dinner, instead of eating dinner at the Whole Foods food bar. The cost for what I made at home surely doesn't come close to comparing to the $7.99 per pound food at WF's. Go me! Not only am I saving money, I'm eating healthy and gluten-free.

My 3 month follow up is only a week away. I can't believe it's already been 3 months since diagnosis. I was feeling much better at first, but after a while of feeling good, I let old habits creep back in and the past few weeks have been tough. I'm glad though because it will be good for me to discuss all of this with my doctor so that I can convince him that GF is the way to go. I know he was skeptical about it in the beginning.

And here's a new picture of my cousin/nephew Owen, he's getting so big!



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