Weekend Recap

Oh boy am I a bucket of sunshine this morning... I have negative dollars in my checking account and what did I do? Forget my T-Pass and had to buy a temporary one this morning. And in Quincy you have to pay double to get on to the T. Delightful! But I did actually have a really nice weekend. This week is Nightmare on Elm Street. I am throwing a bridal shower AND bachelorette party on Saturday. Months of planning and the day is finally about to arrive and I can't tell you how excited I am for... Sunday! When I can sleep all day and it will all be over.

So ok, back to my weekend recap. As I mentioned on Friday, my friend Mark scored some tickets to go see the Solid Gold Dance Party at the Bank of American Pavilion. The lineup included: Evelyn “Champagne” King, Hues Corporation, Musik, Maxine Nightingale, Jimmy “JJ” Walker will MC/Host, Solid Gold dancers and the headliners were the Village People!

I left work at about 5:30 and hopped on the Ashmont train to Savin Hill. For those of you who are not familiar with Boston, Savin Hill is a little section of Dorchester where Mark happens to live. First of all, my Mother would not be very please to know I was taking the train to a place that has earned the nickname "Stabbin' Hill" but she'd probably kick my ass once she found out that I exited the train and walked down Savin Hill Ave directly into this...

Stabbin' Hill

That's right folks, a regular old Dorchester crime scene. You'd be interested to know that this did not make the local news. Just another day in DOT. So this little suburban girl with her 6 Pack of Magner's in hand trekked all the way around Savin Hill trying to get to Mark's house in the blazing sun. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got there but I got there safely. Phew!! When I got there Mark was just about to get the steaks ready for the BBQ. As he's preparing our food we're chatting about my gluten issues and he's so good, checking labels and making sure everything's ok when he all of a sudden dumps half of the beer he's drinking over one of the steaks! I say, "did you just pour beer on that?" and he's like "oh I wasn't even thinking I just did it automatically!" Thankfully he had put the steaks in two different dishes so the other steak remained beer free. We sat out on the roof deck and enjoyed steaks, veggies and beverages. This is the view from Mark's roof deck. It's better in person...

DOT Roofdeck View

Then it was off to the show! Now, I thought it would be fun to see the Village People but I most definitely under-estimated just how much fun it actually would be. We ended up in seats right down in front. Here they are singing "In the Navy"


Macho Man


and of course, YMCA!!

Village People 5

As a YMCA staff member of 3 years, this song has a special place in my heart. Not to mention my sister and I do a killer Village People impression at all major DJ'd functions.

We really had a great time. After the show we headed over to Faneuil Hall for some drinks, more music and dancing, and then called it a night. I was a little too hungover/still-drunk tired to go to kickboxing on Saturday so I slept in and then just laid around the house until I went to dinner with friends at Uno's (gluten-free menu, yay!) Saturday night. We were supposed to go to Shakespeare on the Common but it got rained out.

Yesterday was our annual family get together with Gigi & Berni and my aunt Vicki was also in town. She's been battling breast cancer this year and is doing very well, it was so great to see her. We had an awesome day. I'll upload pics of that later.
Here's Mark and me at the concert after maybe one too many drinks...

Mark & Me

Happy Monday everyone!


Liz said…
The concert sounds like so much fun!

And I'm glad you made it out of DOT safely ;)
Unknown said…
That is a nice pic of you & Mark. :-)
Cynthia said…
Sounds like a really awesome night!!

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