Zero Tolerance, and I don't mean for alcohol...

My parents and I finally had a meeting yesterday. After 5 years, we finally sat down and talked about what the heck we want to do with our company and how we're going to do it. I actually walked away with a list of things to get started on. One thing we did discuss is the amount of time certain people spend doing personal things. Like writing blog entries, and checking myspace pages, and facebook pages, and emails, and the latest news on My Dad uttered those words that every little worker bee dreads...

"Zero Tolerance Policy"

And so I guess I'll be writing my blogs on my own time from now on. So here I am writing my weekend recap on a Sunday afternoon instead of a Monday morning. It's for the best. I'm actually looking forward to tackling the tasks on my To Do list this week.

What else did I do this weekend? Decompressed. I did nothing. Friday night I got home from work went shopping for new sneakers. Found a great pair at Kohl's on sale. Got some dinner and headed home. Watched Stop Loss on On Demand. Wasn't as good as I thought was going to be but I still cried at the end so all in all, not so bad. Woke up late on Saturday and drove down to the 'rents house to have our meeting and do my laundry. Came home Saturday night and sat around the house with the roommate. Watched some tv. Watched Enchanted, cute movie, cried at the end, of course. Woke up early this morning and dragged my butt over to the gym. Wearing my new sneaks of course! I have not worked out on a Sunday in years. It felt really good and I'm glad I went. After the gym I hung out at home for a bit, made a few notes about how I wanted to attack my meal planning for the week. Went grocery shopping and picked up a bunch of healthy and delicious groceries and now I'm back at home, watching School for Scoundrels and trying to decide if I'm going to tackle my Illustrator homework. I also have to cook up some chicken, pork and eggs to have for the week. I'll do that later tonight. I'll probably just watch this movie and contemplate the cd cover design that I have to do for tomorrow night's class.

I tried on the dress again this morning since I was pretty bloated the other day and it pretty much fits perfectly, despite the fact that I need help filling out the bust. I still need/want to lose weight but even a little bit is going to make the dress too big, which wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't strapless. The straps that come with it just look ridiculous. Ok, enough about the dress, as long as it's not too small, I don't care!

Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll be back as soon as I have another minute of my own time to blog.. :)


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