And then it was fall.

New Hair 9-08
Here's the new 'do, you like? I used to be so good at the long arm shots, but now with the pumpkin face I can never find a good angle that doesn't give me seventeen chins. I'm working on that. Saturday for the first time in a long time I actually started to feel like some of this weight is coming off! YAY! Two more weeks until I go back to see The Doc and hopefully he'll say OK let's get you off these steroids.
I showed the stylist a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like. Keep in mind that yesterday morning, may hair was more than halfway down my back. I knew it needed to be brought up some to get rid of the dead ends but I didn't want to go too far, but I did want a lot of layers. I was going for Sarah Nielson hair. The picture I showed her was actually this one:

Yes, that's Kristen Cavallari, but I don't care that she's from Laguna Beach, I just liked her hair!
So yeah, the 21 year old girl, aka "stylist" set to cutting. and cutting. and cutting. and then she was done and the other stylist gasped a little at the HUGE pile of my beautiful hair that was all over the floor. I didn't get emotional though, I knew I needed a change, and it's hair. It will grow back. I hope. Soon.
Listen, I can't afford Newbury Street, so the local mall hair salon is where I get what I pay for. At least I didn't go to Super Cuts. Anyway, I like it. It's a change. I walked through the mall and heads were turning. I don't know if that's because I looked super hot or people were thinking please tell me where you got your hair cut so I DON'T go there. I'm going to keep telling myself that it was the former.

I've been doing very very well lately on my gluten free journey. Hardly any slips. Feeling pretty good. And I've been good about cutting back on the sugar too, despite my many brownie trials. Those are done now. I haven't bought waffles in a few weeks, because otherwise I eat them for dinner every night, lathered in syrup. Oh, and I also now eat bananas on a regular basis. Go me. :)


Unknown said…
Go you, indeed! I like the new cut. The trick for me is getting it to look good when I do it. It never looks as good as the first day when the stylist does it!
Allie said…
i love your haircut!!! looks great on you...
Lauren said…
Ooo! Your haircut is amazing!
Brendan said…
oh my gosh this computer is logged in as someone else... too funny, but it's me! Jenny! ;-)
Marlow said…
I am loving the hair!

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