Another new blog header?! Yup!

Do you want to know why I change my blog header so often? Because I'm always learning. This blog is the best place for me to try out my experiments. First I was designing blog headers in Photoshop and now I've moved on to Illustrator. I design it, save it, see if it works, leave it up for a while, get bored with it, learn a new trick or technique, and design another. The life of an aspiring graphic designer. I have the daunting task of designing a brand new site for our printing company and I'm totally over-whelmed by it so in the meantime, I learn new tricks here. I play with the HTML coding, see how it work, design web images, see if they work, it's all part of my master plan. I don't really know what that master plan is yet, but I swear, this is all part of it! This particular header I think is pretty boring but that's what I was going for. I wanted one that did not incorporate a photo, contrary to my adoration for photo & text blog headers. For those of you who read dooce you probably have figured out that I'm insanely envious of her blog header design skills. Most recently she mentioned a book of clip art that she uses for her designs and eluded to the fact that there are lots of other books out there that are useful. Why do I not think of these things?! I am so not in-the-know about graphic design stuff. Anyway, I hope you like the new, if not temporary, header.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jenny,
My name is Shiro Moree. I am the founder of Nutrio. We manufacture gluten free and chemical free health food that is nut based.
I would love to introduce my products to you. You sound very adventurous (although sky diving is not on your list...), and I think you would love my products for yourself, and share it with others.
If yes, lets talk on the phone, and I can send you some samples.
My direct line is: 248.705.0575
Also, what do you design? I may need a creative person who is not afraid to stand out to help me with several projects.

ps go sky dive before the season is out... it is better than sex... well, sometimes...
I also e-mailed you this msg
Anonymous said…
Hi Jenny,

Your blog header is simple and neat!!

We recently launched a site Header Spot where you can find hundreds of headers. The registration is free and it is a good place for graphic designer to showcase their talent. We will be glad to have you registered in the site.


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