Are You Motivated?!

Steve, Me, Patrick
These are the boys that keep me in fighting shape. Steve is the kickboxing instructor and Pat is his faithful sidekick (aka backup instructor). Tomorrow is Pat's birthday!! Last night was the first night of the fall session and it was full of new people but it was still a really good class. And since I'd been kinda slacking on getting to class over the summer session, of course I need to get my butt kicked. I realized yesterday that I'm only hurting myself and wasting his time when I don't show up to class and so I will be trying harder to get there. I'm already missing the first two Saturdays but I have legit reasons so I can't help it! Anyway, good class, I have a TON of work to do this afternoon and I can't believe more than half the day is already gone, so I'm out. Happy Thursday!


Liz said…
I LOVED the class Jenny! And Steve and Pat are awesome. I can't wait until next Wednesday.
Caio said…

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Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun! I've been doing some rather hilarious work out tapes from the library. Billy Blanks is next. Where do you go?

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