Feels like Wednesday, but really it's only Tuesday

Scoops and Dip
Snack time! They sell these smaller bags of chips and say that there are 6 servings in the bag. Really? How many people actually get 6 servings out of a bag like that? I don't usually eat chips and dip as a snack at work, dip is usually saved for special occasions but today I was feeling it. I thought I might be able to eat only a portion of the bag of chips and save some for maybe a snack tomorrow. Not so much. The entire bag of Fritos is gone. I just love them. I don't eat them very often so this bag stood no chance. There's plenty of dip leftover though, so tomorrow I'll make sure to bring in the tortilla chips that I have at home for a snack tomorrow. I'll also make sure to put just ONE serving into a ziplock bag so I don't go nuts like I did today. I got a Sprite Zero to wash it all down because even though it's still chemical filled soda, it has no calories. I feel like one of those people that orders a super sized meal at the drive through and a diet coke. Oh well, I'm over it. I didn't eat much for lunch today. Yesterday I was reading a blog about someone that ate salmon out of a can for lunch and I was like what? Salmon in a can? You mean like tuna? Well I'll be damned. So I had to go to Stop & Shop last night and check it out. Since the tuna is on the bottom shelf and all the other random seafood is on the top shelf, I never noticed that they not only have Salmon in a can but they also have crab meat! Like real crab meat that's gluten free, not the imitation stuff, because I used to love imitation crab once in a blue moon in a seafood salad. I was so pumped to try it today. I opened the can and drained the water out and found something that might have once been crab meat but today? Not so much. I figured I'd give it a shot anyway, mixed it up with some mayo, put it on iceberg lettuce and took a taste. Wow, seriously? SALTY! Yuck. Totally bummed. Luckily I had a baked potato so I ate that instead. And now here I am after 3pm, starving and gorging on Fritos. Lesson learned. I bought some salmon too and I'll try that also but I'm pretty sure the only canned fish I'll be buying on a regular basis is tuna. I love love love tuna. It never gets old.

There is nothing left in my house to eat even though I spent over $60 on food on Sunday night. How the hell does that happen?? Poor planning I guess. I do have frozen chicken and ground beef that I could defrost and do something with. But tonight I work until 10 so that pretty much means I'm gonna have to wing it tomorrow and then tomorrow night I can cook up some stuff for Thursday and Friday.

The good news is, I'm fully back to gluten-free and starting to feel much better. I'm still going every week for blood work and still on 3 medications until October 3rd. I have been feeling very run down which concerns me since this medication can cause blood issues. I'm hoping that The Doc is monitoring my blood work and if there is anything bad going on he'll alert me to it. I just have to keep fueling myself with the right stuff, and by "right stuff" I mean NOT Fritos and dip.

This weekend is the Gluten-Free cooking spree which I was supposed to be volunteering at but I have to bow out. This week is not going the way I had hoped and I just can't be there.

I found out that my friend's mother died. So so so so sad. There are no words. I feel horrible. She had bypass surgery about a month ago and I hadn't heard anything since and now I just found out that she has just recently passed.


kat smith said…
I am with you on the canned crab. It is so bad I could cry. I do love canned salmon though. I make salmon patties. We ate them growing up and I got hooked on them and luckily they have always been gluten-free. Use 1 can of salmon and add 1 medium chopped yellow onion 1 half cup of corn meal and 1 egg beaten and salt and pepper to taste. These can be fried like hamburger patties in a skillet or even cooked on a baking sheet at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I usually get 6 four inch round patties from one can. I love the leftovers on brown rice tortilla with lettuce and mustard. When I was growing up we always ate them hot with peas and mashed potatos. Tonya
Jen said…
Wow this sounds great!! Thanks Tonya!!
Allie said…
oh no! not going to the cooking spree??? sad you won't be there -- more sad about your friends mom, that's awful.

do you ever read Kath Eats Real food? She's on my blog list -- she was just in Shape Magazine too! Anyway, she's not gluten free, but she's going to be a nutritionist and lost 30 lbs after college and has managed to keep it off. She eats A LOT of food too, but it's super healthy and well-balanced... Anyway, she eats canned salmon pretty often, you may find some interesting recipes on her blog. I haven't tried it yet, but i should!

tonya's recipe above looks awesome! I think I'll try it.

oh, and fyi -- i too, am a potato chip addict. I try not to buy them ever because I WILL eat the entire bag in one sitting... and you're bad with the dip! haha -- I COVET dip, hahaha... so good!!! I would eat that entire thing at once too. i'm jealous of your snack.
Jen said…
Yeah I'm bummed about everything this week. Actually, I got the idea from Kath! She's also active on Calorie King which is where I found out about her blog and have just recently started reading it regularly. It's on my bloglines but I haven't updated my blogroll. I'm definitely trying those salmon cakes tonight, I have all the ingredients at home. I'm so excited for something new!
Cynthia said…
I didnt know they make canned crab either. I do love that imitation stuff though! Sorry to hear about your friend's mom, that is sad.
Marlow said…
I also love chips and Dean's French Onion Dip. I don't buy them because I know I will eat them in a matter of two days! When I was diagnosed with Celiac my doctor asked me to tell her about my diet. I told her a typical day and admitted the Diet Coke to her. I thought she would go on a rant about how bad the chemicals were, but instead she said I could drink all day long. However, I do know the chemicals are bad but it's just so darn tasty!

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