food, food, food.

There's nothing like the support of those closest to you when you're faced with a challenge like living gluten-free. My cousin Lauren is my best friend for life, we've been like sisters since she was born, when I was nine months old. She's getting married three weeks from today and this weekend is her fiance's bachelor party weekend so she planned to have her bridal party over last night. Yesterday I vowed to seriously stop slacking and be super careful about being gluten-free and was feeling better about everything. When I got to her house she had put out chips and dips and cheese and crackers and wine, etc. As soon as I walked in she said "Everything is gluten-free except the crackers, and I made gluten-free brownies too!" it was so awesome. My whole family is supportive of me of course but I think it's confusing and over-whelming for them to understand what being gluten-free really means so most of the time I just feel very alone dealing with it. I felt so great that she went to such great lengths to make sure I had food to eat last night. The brownies were great, it was a mix from Trader Joes. This photo is us getting ready for my sister's wedding last October. I was so skinny!! I am not looking forward to the pictures from Lauren's wedding but oh well.

Today I went to my cousin Eric's birthday party and I did not cheat at all. There were these giant double chocolate cookies that I was eyeing all day but I did not have one. It feels pretty good. I'm feeling better. Tomorrow is the Patriots first game of the regular season so I'm pretty excited about that! It's a tropical storm up here so I'll probably just stay around home. I have the usual laundry and food shopping and homework to do too. Oh Sundays...

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


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