Fun Times

From King Richard's Faire

It's that time of year again, King Richard's Faire is back in town until October 19th. This is a pic of the guys last year trying to climb Jacob's Ladder. You get 3 chances to climb to the top and none of them made it. I was so sick when we went last year, I was just getting over one of the worst stomach viruses I've ever had. I wandered around the faire in a daze because I was so weak and tired, I had lost 12 pounds and was wasting away to nothing at that point. It would be another 8 months before I was diagnosed with Crohn's and in the meantime I got sick again over the winter. I wish I could say I was doing much better these days but the truth is, it's a slow road to healing. Although I have gained back all plus more of the weight I lost... yeah that's not what I was hoping for! Oh well. Today I am dehydrated, exhausted, sore, weak, and super cranky. Yup, I've been slipping up on the gluten big time lately. What will it take for me to commit to it once and for all? I don't know. Another visit to the ER after I pass out from severe dehydration again? Because if I stay on the path that I'm on, that's what's going to happen. It's good for me to look at that picture and try to remember how horrible I felt that day. I want to go this year and be able to spend the whole day there without any issues.


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