Kicking Ass and Taking Names

This is my Gram. This weekend is her birthday, but she passed in 2003. I think of her and miss her always. My artistic talents come from her, I am so very lucky!

I talked to Joan today from GF Great Bakes. She's going to be at the Healthy Villi Fall Meeting
on Sunday 10/5 selling her goods. I sent an email to Good Health yesterday asking them to start carrying Joan's items but after talking to Joan today I realize it's going to take a lot of pressure from the customers to make it happen. Is anyone a member of Healthy Villi? Anyone want to go to the meeting on 10/5 with me? I'm not sure I will make it but I just thought I'd put it out there.

My 7th session of kickboxing starts tonight! I'm so excited that Liz will be joining me at class!


Unknown said…
I'm impressed you keep track of how many sessions. (I almost wrote sexsions!) I have no idea how many I've attended but I do know I've missed at least 4 (maybe more, stupid body!) since I started taking the class. Have fun tonite!
Allie said…
OMG, i might go with you, and if i don't you MUST get me some Joan's! I'll send you with lots of money to stock up for me... I was actually just going to place an order!

I'm so sad I've already eaten her cookies and english muffins! I need more!
Allie said…
ps - love that pic of your grandma! she's so beautiful!
Liz said…
I am so excited too!!!

Your grandma is beautiful; what a neat photo. I have a list of foods that I'd like Good Health to carry actually. Next time I'm there I'll approach them and mention Greak Bakes too.
Anonymous said…
Let me know if you decide to go, if I am around I will try and come!

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