Legs bothering you?

I'm still having a lot of cramping in my legs and feet and I noticed that last night they were really bad and I was wondering if it had anything to do with the amount of sugar in my diet. I had a little bit of a bedtime snack last night of Pamela's double chocolate chunk cookies (yuuuuum) and the cramps last night were one of the worst nights yet. I did a little google searching on the topic and came across this little gem of advice for those suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome:

"Many people suffering from nocturnal leg cramps or RLS report that their symptoms improve when a bar of plain soap is placed underneath the sheets."

Can you imagine that? I put a bar of soap in my bed and magically my leg cramps disappear! Thank you internet for saving my sleeps... I wonder how many people have a)actually tried this and b)thought it really worked.


Anonymous said…
The soap under the sheets definitely does not do anything more than affect people mentally. RLS is a very real condition and suggesting it is improved through a mythological means indicates that the disease itself is a myth as well. Which it definitely is not.
Jen said…
I totally agree with you on that! I have a lot of issues with leg and feet cramping and have since before I was even on medication so I know how real it is. I also know how absolutely insane it is to suggest that someone would be cured by sticking a bar of soap between the sheets.
Cynthia said…
My dad's cousin has RLS and my mom mentioned they had used the soap remedy too. Sounds stupid but I guess it works!

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