Relaxing Sunday Evening.

Prepping for the week
The weekend, let's see, where did I leave off? Oh my, I haven't even posted since Thursday! That's because Friday I worked every single second of the day. I didn't even stop for lunch until after 2pm! It was insanity. Friday night I stayed in, watched Smart People again, cried like a fool because that's what I do when I watch any movie really..
Woke up early Saturday, showered, attempted to de-puff my eyes, and set off to the Y for a long day of CPR certification. Got out at 3:30, spent the afternoon cleaning and then went out to dinner with the some of the kickboxers for Pat's birthday. Got up this morning and planned out the day. I needed to go shopping, do laundry, grocery shop and then cook food for the week.
This is it, the final week leading up to Lauren's wedding. I can't wait! I have Friday off so that's even better. Today I planned food to get me through Thursday and tonight I did all the cooking, that's what the picture is. One pot of pasta, one pot of rice, one skillet of chicken with peppers and onions. The chicken can either be eaten with rice, or mixed into pasta sauce and put with the pasta. I also hard boiled eggs. I should be good to go for the whole week! Finally I'm learning to plan ahead. It's just now 10pm, my homework is done, my food is read, everything's in line for Monday. I love that!!! Oh yeah, and I finally went and got my hair cut today. It was so very long and the ends were very ratty and it was just flat and lame and I loved how long it was but hated that it was hideously boring. She chopped off like 6 inches, so much, I am not all that happy about that but it'll grow back. I needed it. it's full of layers and a long sideways "bang" kinda, I was not ready to commit to full bangs yet. I took pictures but wasn't a fan of any of them so I didn't upload them. I'll try to take a better one tomorrow.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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