Wake me up when September ends.

Me & My sister on her 25th birthday!
My sister and me at Plymouth Beach on Sunday. It was her 25th birthday, as well as my mom's, and we all went out to dinner at Stoneforge in Plymouth (the old Bert's). We were being all touristy, even though we are from Plymouth... geeks we are.

My labor day weekend was not as laborious as I thought it was going to be. Saturday I showed up at Diana and Jonny's to help them move and the guys had already done most of the work. Spent the rest of the day relaxing with the family. Sunday I went to my help my cousin Megan move and when I got there, they had already finished moving her out so we drove over to the new place and I helped move her in. 20 Minutes flat and we were done! I stuck around to help her get situated, then went home to get cleaned up for dinner and then headed back down to Plymouth.

Yesterday I was going to go on a last boat trip of the season with the bro-in-law on the Capt. John boats but I got a text from sis in the morning that the seas were rough and she wasn't going to go so I stayed in. Didn't do much of anything during the day and then decided at 3pm that I just had to spend some time with the ocean before the summer was over and so I headed over to Nantasket beach for a swim. It was awesome. Then went grocery shopping, the roommate made tacos for dinner and then I watched tv and went to bed. Not a bad weekend. Although technically it's not the end of the summer, I have too many other things going on in September so I know I wont't get to go back out on the boat or spend another day at the beach or pool so I consider it over. I am glad we're heading into the fall. I love the fall and hopefully I'll be able to carve out some time to do some foliage shooting this year. It happens so fast that I always seem to miss it. September is a busy month but October is still mostly free so I should have some time to get out and do some shooting.

And I just remembered it's Tuesday, not Monday... that is awesome.


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