I went to work at the Y last night to find my supervisor sitting at the desk with red puffy eyes. And I said Jack, what the hell is wrong with you? And he said, I think it might be poison ivy and I said, ummm it doesn't look like poison ivy, it looks like conjunctivitis. And if it is, you are highly contagious and I am highly receptive so please don't come near me. Of course he's sitting at the check-in desk. The hub of the fitness center. The place where I would be sitting in just a few short minutes. He left at 7 and I stayed until 9 to cover his shift. I swear I'm not a hypochondriac but the last time someone even looked at me with pink-eye I got it and I got it fierce. Awesome.


Liz said…
Ahhhh! Pink-eye is the worst. I hope you don't get it.

When I was traveling abroad in Australia I got pink-eye and told the A-man over the phone, next day, no lie, he got conjunctivitis...thousands of miles away. I think it was sympathy pink-eye.
Jen said…
Aww, that's so not good, but funny in retrospect! I haven't gotten anything so far.. I was really paranoid the first couple of days and my right eye is bothering me but I think it's all in my mind!
Anonymous said…
If you've never seen Corner Gas, there's an episode that I think might amuse you. One of the characters gets pinkeye, and the others react as if he's turned into a zombie out of a zombie flick. Very funny.

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