Finally a weekend to myself, what will I do? COOK!

Now that my two year run of being a Maid-of-Honor is over, I'm finding myself with a weekend all to myself to do whatever I please. Finally I can try some of the gluten-free recipes I've been collecting! The first is going to be this recipe for sesame chicken from the girls over at We Are Not Martha. They are not gluten-free bloggers but they are Boston girls and I love their blog. This particular recipe only needs one conversion - gluten-free soy sauce - which I already have at home. All I need are the sesame seeds, scallions and the chicken and I'll be on my way to home made Chinese food. I can't wait!!
I'm also going to try their recipe for quinoa for breakfast, but that will have to wait until Sunday unless I wake up early enough to make it before kickboxing tomorrow. And I'll substitute blueberries because I'm not a huge blackberry fan.
I also have a recipe for pancakes that will use up some of the oatmeal that I'm not eating. I have tried twice and I cannot get it to work. Maybe I'm just expecting something that's never going to happen, I want the texture of mushy instant oatmeal, is that too much to ask?! At least there are millions of other ways I can use the oats.

I realized recently that while I've been frustrated with going gluten-free, I've been compensating by eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate. The problem with this is that chocolate actually makes me feel worse when eaten in large quantities than gluten does. So while I'm feeling horrible and blaming it on gluten, it's actually been all the chocolate I've been eating on a daily basis. Yes, that's right, daily. And so I stopped eating chocolate last week and do you know what happened? I started to feel better... go figure. Somebody just slap me on the forehead. I eat chocolate after lunch as a way to sort of cleanse the palate. You know, when you eat onions on your salad and you need something to cancel out that taste/smell? I eat chocolate. Yeah I know that's ridiculous, I could brush my teeth, or eat a mint. But now, I use it as my excuse to eat candy bars. Well I discovered a great alternative to this, and now after lunch when I am craving something sweet I eat a banana! Who would've thought that I'd be eating bananas every single day and enjoying it. Looking forward to it. That's pretty cool. Nature's candy right? Yup it works for me. Not only is it sweet, but it's filling and satisfying so I don't crave anything else when I'm done. I also eat a smaller lunch so that I have room for the fruit. Lovely.

I have to walk to Beth Israel today and the skies just got very dark. It was so beautiful outside just a half an hour ago, what happened?! Oh this is not good at all! I hope it's not raining when I get over there!!!


Liz said…
Totally not ridiculous. I do the same thing, Jenny! Though
I really need to work on the chocolate thing too -- I eat it at least once a day and although it doesn't do much to my stomach, it's certainly not helping my skin.

Bad, bad, bad. Must lay off the chocolate.
Marlow said…
Ooh I wish I didn't work at a co-op.

I feel you on this blog. I just had the realization this week that I'm actually going to be gluten free for life. Not sure why it took so long to have this realization...If I had really thought about it, I would have taken a week off of work (so I could be close to the bathroom) and eaten every item containing gluten that I love. I don't think my intestine would have loved it, but it would have been a great way to end my relationship. Instead the last glutenous item I ate was a butter biscuit from Hardee's...
Lauren said…
I love chocolate, but it's not the most common thing in my house, so I tend to eat it only once in awhile. Unless you're talking about chocolate-flavoured protein bars. I have those all the time... but if I have the option of fruit, it's the one I choose!
Katya Kosiv said…
Missy, you are not alone! I am a GFer who now lives in the middle of nowhere Caribbean (no Whole Foods here). Being GF down here isn't that hard, lots of yummy fruits. But, the stress of my studies makes me go for that chocolate bar (its like a bad bodyfriend). i find that making mini snacks helps me here. Use the snack ziploc and add some dried fruit, M&Ms, choc chips, nuts. its a good dessert!
Jennifer said…
Oh man, your chocolate "compensation" is my ice cream. I've seriously been eating it every single day and didn't realize it until I looked at all my receipts!

I've been trying to eat apples instead... even thought it's not the same, haha

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