I've discovered that making things from scratch/boxed mixes is cheaper than buying the finished product. For example, buying a six pack of frozen GF muffins at Good Health is about double the cost of a whole box of corn muffin mix and I get a lot more muffins out of the mix. I found some Whole Foods 365 Brand mixes and I'd like to try them. Anyone have any experiences with these mixes? I want to try the corn bread/muffin mix. I think it's only like $3 for the box but I'm not sure how many muffins it makes. I love corn bread and this would be a great breakfast for me.


Unknown said…
I find that what I make from scratch(-ish) tends to be healthier/better for me, as well as cheaper in the long run.
Marlow said…
Hey Jenny!
How did you get a template that has a row on each side? I became a Foodbuzz featured publisher, so I need to get their logo and ad "above the fold" but I just can't figure it out! I need a row on each side but all the templates don't work!?
Jennifer said…
I've tried a few mixes and they mostly turn out "eh." I've had better luck with scratch.
Marlow said…
My aunt made the 365 chocolate chip cookies and they tasted like Toll House!
Liz said…
Hmmm. I do love the whole foods gluten-free chocolate cake mix. I can't highly recommend any other mixes I've tried though.

I guess that means I'll just have to eat more :)

P.S. Missed you at kickboxing on Wednesday!

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