More Rainbows

More Rainbows
Day Two of rainbow sightings! This time I got off the Red Line in Quincy Center and this beauty was right there waiting. This is my weak attempt at panoramic but you get the idea! It was awesome.

Tonight is my next visit with The Doc, at which time I will beg and plead that he start weaning me off the 'roids immediately! And then it's dinner out with the girls for my roommate's birthday. Kickboxing tomorrow, then driving the roommate to the airport for her trip to Australia, then a nice relaxing weekend at home.

The other night I bought a frozen pizza to try, I added onions and peppers and baked it and it was great. The crust was a little too crunchy but I liked it. Last night I was looking for a quick supper so I thought I'd grab another one of those pizzas. When I got to Good Health I thought I'd try a different brand but then as I was staring at the freezer case and thinking about the $8 pricetag on a 7 inch pizza I noticed the 4 pack of Kinnikinnick pizza crusts that were just over $8. I knew I had sauce and toppings at home, all I needed was cheese so I grabbed the crusts instead of the already made version. The directions where to add toppings and bake for 10-15 minutes, which I did. This version was way better than the already made version! The dough was soft, next time I might cook the crust by itself a little bit before putting the toppings on, but it was delicious. And I still have 3 more to save for a rainy day! I think these pizza crusts will become a staple in my freezer. There are tons of ways you could dress up one of these babies to make all different types of quick meals. Since I don't have a lot of time to prepare foods, these are great to have on hand. I'm always looking for "fast foods" to have at home. Sorry I didn't take a picture, I was starving! Next time I definitely will though!


Liz said…
I saw that rainbow too, just before 6pm I think. I took a picture of it on my camera phone and it totally brightened my day.

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