My Own Worst Enemy

Lately I've done a pretty good job at beating myself up. I talk down to myself all day long. Every time I eat something I shouldn't, or I step on the scale and it's up another pound, or I see a picture of my puffy face. It's killing me. Everyone around me is been so supportive of me through this "journey". People keep saying that they can't tell that I've gained weight, I look great, I'm doing great, and I thank them and then tell myself that they are just being nice. The days that I actually feel good are few and far between and it's dragging me down. New medications, weekly blood work, trips to the ER, dehydration, cramps, nausea, weight gain, water retention... it seems like the frustrations are endless. And then I read this article about a guy that has no limbs. Seriously. No limbs. And he's a professional fisherman. He doesn't complain, he doesn't sit at home all day whining because he has no legs. He just gets up and goes fishing. And he's good at it. Very good at it. And he doesn't need your help, he can do it himself. And here I sit, whining about a little water weight and stomach aches. He has no legs. No arms. He doesn't complain.

"That's my calling, to tell people to get the most out of life," he says. "I want to show people that, no matter what the situation they may be facing, if you put your mind and your heart to it, if you have enough determination and perseverance, you can overcome anything." ~Clay Dyer

Thanks Clay for inspiring me to shut the fuck up and get over it. Sorry for the harsh words but that's the bare bones of it. "You can't control the cards you're dealt, just how you play the hand." ~Randy Pausch, my other inspiration to live life to the fullest because it's over all too soon.


Liz said…
Love it. Great point and great post Jenny!

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