SHIT... So Happy It's Thurday

Ahhhh Thursdays! I love them. After 3 loooong days in a row I get to Thursday and at 5pm I can leave work and just go home and relax. Of course I haven't had time to do any dishes so I always get home to a sink full and that's usually one of the first things I do. Heaven forbid my roommate ever wash more than one dish at a time... Tonight will be no different. My brother called in "sick" to work today. It's so convenient that his girlfriend has the day off too. He's been moaning all week about how crappy he feels, setting us up for the inevitable. Fortunately I'm all caught up with my work so I can pick up the slack. My Dad and I work really well together so not having my brother here today shouldn't be much of an issue. Anywho, yesterday was my first visit with my new primary care physician. She was awesome. Clearly she had gone over my medical history before I arrived and she new everything that I was going through. Asked all the right questions, listened when I talked, very genuine, I like her a lot! I'm glad to have a female doc again too. Friday I go back to the gastro, he's just going to tell me to increase my meds again and keep coming in for blood work. Nothing new or exciting there.
I finally made it back to kickboxing last night and I'm glad I did. My hips are a little sore from all the leg lifts but that's not a bad thing! I am quickly falling out of shape and still gaining weight so I need to get back to it. It's not cool to be a fat fitness instructor. Not cool at all. I've been pretty good with food this week too and that helps a lot. I have been tagging a ton of blog entries lately of delicious recipes I want to try. I even found a new GF blog when I was searching for an oreo cookie recipe. Everyone's posting their results from the daring bakers pizza challenge and I am so in awe of all these delicious looking pizzas!!

Ok, tomorrow is Halloween and I have a party to go to and NO idea of what I'm going to wear...


Liz said…
Ugh. I'm so happy it's Thursday too!

You rocked kickboxing last night -- the last bit you did with Steve was totally inspiring.

Almost TGIF...
Hey there!
Saw a hit to my blog from yours, so had to check it out. I have no suggestions on a Halloween costume, but wanted to wish you luck with the Oreo cookies. :)
Happy Halloween!!! If you find a gluten free "oreo cookie" recipe, please share :) I sooo miss oreo cookies. BTW, I LOVE kickboxing! What an awesome workout (and it helps me with my anger issues - ha ha). Have fun tonight & be sure to post when you ended up wearing to the party!! PS - I added you to my blogroll :)

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