Thank goodness for auto-fill.

Blueberry Yogurt
I'm forcing myself to eat yogurt the same way I forced myself to eat bananas. Today is better than yesterday. Fortunately some yogurts are very low lactose, like this one, Chobani all natural Greek yogurt. Blueberry flavor. Lots of good bacteria in there. I have blueberries in my fridge, had I thought of it, I would've put some in the yogurt. I've been drinking gatorade when I feel dehydrated, but a big part of my problem is potassium deficiency and gatorade has lots of sodium and little potassium and that's not good for me. So no more gatorade. Lots of water and natural fruit juice, like orange juice, full of potassium and no sodium. Good stuff.

I couldn't think of a good blog title today and as I'm typing ideas the auto-fill is showing me that I already picked all of the titles that I could think of, so that's why this post is titled as it is.

I dragged my butt to kickboxing last night and as usual I was glad I did. I was feeling a little weakish this morning and I'm afraid it's because I didn't eat anything after class last night. I always eat something when I get home from kickboxing but last night I just didn't and this morning I felt it. So I ate right away and felt better. I'm determined to kick this weakness. I am determined to make it through an entire winter without passing out. Now that would be awesome.

It's a crappy rainy day here in Boston, I hope it brightens up for the weekend because I'd love to go take some photos.


Marlow said…
Do you have an Earth Fare or Whole foods near you? Emergen-C packets are great but I also recently started getting super dehydrated cramps underneath my rib cage and tried a new electrolyte that comes in a tab version called 'U'.
I got them at an Earth Fare. They fizz in your water and they totally made my cramping desist.
Unknown said…
I drink Smart Water for my electrolytes. Sometimes I'll halve it with spring water but it tastes just like water.

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