Thinking outside the box

Rainbow 2
I'm walking through Boston Common on my way to the Red Line and when I get halfway down the walk I see this in the sky. This picture doesn't do it justice, it was one of the best rainbows I've ever seen. So bright and colorful. At first I'm thinking oh, my camera phone won't take a good picture of that, oh well. But then I'm like hey, duh, you always carry a camera on you. So I whipped out my little old Nikon P&S and took a few shots. I love rainbows. It sounds ridiculous but they are so magical. It really brightened up my day.

I've been in this graphic design certificate program since April and I had been thinking that it wasn't really teaching me much that I didn't already know. But I realized yesterday that it's not just about the technical aspect, it's about learning to think outside the box. Yesterday I was talking to a customer about a job I'm working on for her and I told her that I couldn't turn her signature into a transparent reverse and then after she left I'm like hey, come on now, put a little effort into it, of course you can do that! And I did. And I'm finally starting to think beyond the end of my nose and step outside my comfort zone and do things that I don't even know I can do yet. And that is why this program is totally worth it.


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