What a night...

Well first things first, The Doc gave me the OK to ditch the steroids!!! He was hesitant as I'm not up to full speed on the new meds yet but I begged. He said "how much weight have you gained" I said "like 15 pounds" and he looked at my legs that are full of fluids and said "it's just water weight" and I'm like yeah, I know but it's making me FAT and I hate it!! So he said Ok, but if you start to flair up, call me, and I'm going to tell you to start the steroids back up so you might as well just go ahead and start them. But he also said he thinks I'll be fine. And so do I. YAY!!!

So I was supposed to be going out to dinner with my roommate for her birthday tonight but we got a random message from her this afternoon saying that she can't make it but not why. That's definitely not normal so I was a little worried, then I got the voicemail on my way home from work, she's in the hospital with appendicitis!! Oh the poor thing, not only is it her birthday but she also was supposed to fly to Australia tomorrow to visit her friend that is working there right now. No more vacation for her. What a mess, I feel horrible. I went to the hospital right away and stayed with her until they took her into surgery and now her parents are there for her.

What a night... now I'm home watching What Happens in Vegas. Wish I were there right now!


Lauren said…
It must be wonderful to be free of the drugs. I hope that both you and your roommate feel better soon.
Cynthia said…
glad to hear you can ditch the steroids, hopefully you wont need them again! Hope your roomie makes a quick recovery!

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